About LVL Edit

LVL Edit is an WYSIWYG level editor project for Clickteam Firefly extension developed entirely using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer by one person.

What's new?

August news!

August 15, 2019: LVL Edit 0.5.6 small update! Go and check what's new: click.

August 8, 2019: Here it is: LVL Edit 0.5.5 update! Go and check what's new: click. There's also available new FPP Example in Examples.

July updates

July 26, 2019: Quick LVL Edit 0.5.4 update is ready to download!

July 24, 2019: Added video tutorial about importing LVL Edit level file into Firefly extension: click here.

July 23, 2019: LVL Edit 0.5.3 is ready to download! There's also changelog

July 18, 2019: LVL Edit Documentation visual update #1

July 4, 2019: Added LVL Edit Open page with all necessary information about the open source package: Link

July 2, 2019: LVL Edit Open is now on ClickStore! Link

Update: LVL Edit 0.5 released! and much more this month

June 26, 2019: Next LVL Edit general documentation update

June 25, 2019: LVL Edit 0.5.2 is ready to download directly from application menu. Remember to save Your progress before update. Please go: Help > Check for Updates...

June 20, 2019: LVL Edit 0.5.2 is finally on ClickStore

June 6, 2019: LVL Edit general documentation update

June 3, 2019: LVL Edit 0.5 zip file update. Update module was missing.

June 1, 2019: LVL Edit 0.5 is here, ready to download. If You have older version please go: Help > Check for Update if You have LVL Edit 0.4.4. Older versions needs to be updated manually. LVL is also on Patreon, Itch.io.

It's currently waiting on Clickstore for an update aproval.

Update: LVL Edit 0.5 release in June!

May 21, 2019: LVL Edit 0.5 will soon be ready! Testing and fixing major bugs.

Update: Last feature before LVL Edit 0.4.5 release

April 7, 2019: Finally, Spritesheet Animations for every primitive plane!

Update: New version of LVL Edit still in works

March 19, 2019: Download section divided into the change log section and the download section.

March 04, 2019: A lot of new features and UI improvements. The last fixes are made before the next 0.5 version!

Update: Saved File Structure

January 21, 2019: Working on new LVL Edit examples with a features that's currently available in LVL Edit 0.4.4

January 20, 2019: New version of LVL Edit 0.4.4 is ready to download!

January 19, 2019: LVL Edit 0.4.4 delayed to 20th of January. Stay tuned!

January 13, 2019: This time I decided to explain the mysterious code of the files saved by LVL Edit.
New version of LVL Edit 0.4.4 will be released 18th of January! Adding new features and testing.

Update: Navigation and Placement + new things to come

January 9, 2019: Work on the next LVL Edit 0.4.4 version is underway. At the moment I am focusing on smaller elements, a little bit over optimization, then moving on with further great improvements. Regarding the documentation, I added further information this time to the section: Navigation and Placement, I also corrected the FAQ

Welcome 2019!

January 7, 2019: Happy New Year for everyone! Import Level To Your .mfa tutorial was updated. New example.mfa to download and missing last steps to load level. Thanks goes to SuperTemich2005!


December 11, 2018: I am currently working on an update system. I complete the documentation on the website with current information and application images.

December 9, 2018: The new version of the LVL Edit is now available for download on this page! I invite you to use and I wish you a nice design. Please report any errors on trello or through the discord channel.

November 28, 2018:

Today LVL Edit example was fixed (wrong file paths). Thanks goes to Voy!
Besides that I'm working on LVL Edit Documentation and LVL Edit 0.4.3 new Settings (screeshot soon) for all Patreons ;) Discord and Patreon menu links on this webside was added.

November 21, 2018:

If You're a LVL Edit 0.4.2 and lower app user and go to: Help > About > Changelog You will find a different page, that's because of changes I was making in a couple of days ago. The same with Help > Online Documentation.
I deeply apologise to all of You and hope You'll check fresh and new LVL Edit 0.4.3!

October 25, 2018:

LVL Edit 0.4.3 becomes stronger almost every day. Today basic particle system from Firefly was added. I'm also thinking it's more like 0.5 than 0.4.3. There is a huge step forward.

September 9, 2018:

LVL Edit 0.4.2 finally on ClickStore! https://clickstore.clickteam.com
New version still in progress. I'll share some videos soon ;)


June 24, 2018:
LVL Edit 0.4.3 needs some more time. I'm working on user-friendly and flexible UI - that ofcourse needs to remake some parts of an old UI ideas from 0.4.2 version.

June 10, 2018:
A lot of new things to come. LVL Edit logo reimagined, listing objects finally working!

June 6, 2018:
Currently working on very important window resizing feature - for all kind of screen resolutions. UI will be no more fixed to one size! but this will cost some more time to make - it's not that easy.

June 2, 2018:
LVL Edit 0.4.3 will become available on ClickStore for free this month! Still need some free time to fix major bugs ;) but it's almost ready!

Work in progress section

This article is not complited yet. Try later.


LVL Edit works in three different modes:

Navigation Mode
Object placement mode. Here You can select method how objects will be placed on scene: Grid Mode or Mouse Click Mode.

Paint Materials Mode
A quick way to set a material for any object on scene with just a single mouse click. Like in painting tools.

Tranform Mode
Set position, rotation, scale and other parameters of selected object.